Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
Speckles Removal Cream
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Speckles Removal Cream

Developed by Sccy innovation laboratory in Germany. Promoted in cooperation with Flexehag.
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Whitening Freckle Cream Remove Dark Spots Melasma Melanin Fade Acne Scars Pigmentation Anti-Aging Brighten Skin Care

▶Effects: Rich in niacinamide whitening and freckle-removing ingredients, soft and silky texture, light and non-greasy, whitening skin, helping to improve dull yellow skin, lightening dark spots and reducing spots, moisturizing and brightening, replenishing skin moisture, making skin even, fair, translucent, and showing skin radiance.



▶Natural freckles
Natural spots that become more and more severe with the sun
▶Flake spots
Lifestyle influences physical factors
▶Pregnancy spot
Pregnancy induced
Caused by sun exposure
▶Pigmentation spots
Caused by chronic lack of sleep
▶Radiation spot
Caused by long-term use of electronics


★Accurately locate the roots of face speckles and have the effect of whitening skin

▶1.Skin basal layer
Accurately fade speckle
▶2.The dermal layer of skin
Layered fade speckle
▶3.Skin epidermis
Prevent speckle at source


▶color spots decrease apparently, skin color is whitened gradually
▶weaken color spots, restore gloss
▶color spots are weakened, newly generate flawless and beautiful skin

★Actual using effects

▶Effects can be apparent if the product is correctly used

Protects and nourishes skin against pigmentation during the day and nighttime.

Evenly nourishes the skin at night and reduces stain precipitation/fade spots and speckles.


▶01.Quick Remover
●step1. Cleaning the face
●step2. Apply cream to the speckle and gently massage in a circular motion
●step3. For speckle that has grown for many years won't be removed immediately and completely. Need to persist in using the product and wait for them to fade or disappear gradually.

▶02. Directly use as a face cream, take a proper amount of palms to preheat, evenly pat on the face, then rub to absorb, but must first hydrate the cream.
●step1. Cleaning the face
●step2. Take a proper amount of cream on the palm of your hand
●step3. Tap the face to absorb


  • Style: Speckles Removal Cream
  • Content: 20g

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Sccy innovation laboratory in Germany was founded by Johann of Germany in 1984. He is a German chemist and biologist. He graduated from Munich University of technology and was the editor in chief of the journal f ü R Praktische Chemie; It is biochemical research and experimental institution authorized by the German government, headquartered in Ulm, with more than 50 core R & D teams with graduate degree or above and more than 200 professional and technical personnel.
In 2019, the sccy innovation laboratory will be expanded to 11 countries in North America, Africa, and Asia. It is mainly engaged in the research of phosphatase, quantitative proteomics, chemical informatics and metabolism, surfactant, and so on Laboratories for research, development, and technical services of cosmetic additives, emulsifiers, fragrances, cosmetics and other new technologies, new materials, new products, and new equipment.