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Color - Platinum
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Here I want to write something for everyone. Thank you for your continued support and love for Flexehag Design Studio. We sell some of our watches for  35%OFF  during this 3rd birthday celebration. For a limited time!

Here are some questions from everyone, which I will explain to you all.

You're cheating! Moissanite is not a diamond!

Moissanite is indeed not a diamond. Nowhere on the product page does it mention that we use diamonds and we detail the moissanite information.

Only $36? You must be scammers.

This $36 watch is a limited-time discounted price for the zirconia version. The watch with full moissanite is priced at $148.

We have many other styles of watches in our store that are just as sparkly. 


Encounter at a certain moment, shining in every moment.

This stylish watch subtly stands out from the crowd. Imported and constructed with Switzerland quartz movement to ensure accurate timing.

It is easy to adjust based on wrist size to get a comfortable wearing experience. Suitable for the wrists of 3 inches to 8 inches.

Our jewelry offers irresistible beauty and timeless style.


Side Stone

  • Stone Type: Zircon / Moissanite
  • Number of Stones: 127
  • Setting: French pavé
  • Average Color: F/G
  • Average Clarity: SI
  • Stone Shape: Round, Princess


  • Dial Diameter: 29mm
  • Dial Thickness: 8mm
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Adjustable. 
  • Water Resistance: 3ATM
  • Dial Material: Pearl Shell
  • Dial Mirror Material: Mineral Reinforced Glass

Metal: Stainless Steel.

Rhodium Finish: Yes (hypoallergenic).

Rhodium-finished is a pressure-bonded layer of rare metals. It is durable, won't chip or flake is tarnish-resistant. Looks great and if taken care of should last for many years.

No tarnishing ever & no ugly marks. They will never tarnish or fade, they will never leave any black or green marks and they will never cause any allergy or redness. They are beautiful, of very high quality and also the best price on the market.

Lab-Created: Yes.

The term "lab-created" refers to synthetic gems that have the chemical and physical properties of natural gems but are manufactured in a laboratory instead of naturally formed and mined.

All of the zircon/moissanite/diamonds used in all of the items in our store are lab-grown synthetic gemstones.

With the Heart and arrow cutting effect, every moissanite restores the item's natural beauty and extreme brilliance. We use four-claw inlay technology. The shiny gem is firmly embedded in the bracelet, reducing the risk of the diamond falling.

Adjust the time button, pull out a file is to adjust the calendar, pull out the second gear is to adjust the pointer, after the adjustment, all the heads are pressed in, time and calendar can be normal operation.

About Moissanite

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Moissanite.

Using innovative, cutting-edge technology we have been able to create Moissanite that cannot be differentiated from diamonds by the naked eyes.

What Makes Moissanite So Special

  • Unscratchable, And can live for a lifetime.

Diamonds are the hardest known mineral and receive a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

On the Mohs scale, Moissanite scores 9.25 - 9.50. Because of this exceptional score, Moissanite is very durable and ideal for everyday wear.

  • More brilliant than diamond itself.

Unbelievably, Moissanite is more brilliant than Diamond itself with a refractive index of 2.62 that can make it shine like you never seen before. Diamond refractive index is 2.42.

  • Cannot be differentiated from diamonds with the naked eye Yet Moissanite is Only 1% - 10% Of Diamond Price!

Moissanite is very rare in nature. Our Moissanite is a Lab-grown gemstone and has zero affiliations with the conflicted history of Diamond.

Diamond mining causes environmental devastation. There are many unethical labor practices and violence.

We've Got You Covered!

Flexehag is dedicated to creating and delivering socially-responsible gemstones and fine jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Part of our promise is to provide a first-rate customer experience by making products that exceed expectations.

💖Support small brand

Click the ADD TO CART button before we sell out. 

Shipping Time

🔥Our current turnaround time is running 1-5 business days. Although some of the items are made ahead, due to the high volume of orders, shipping times are longer than usual. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as soon as possible!
🚀SPEEDY SHIPPING. No one likes waiting. To your door and it's fast.
😉Thank you for your patience. Please let us know at support@mail.flexehag.com if you have any questions.