SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage
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SALE - Adjustable Waist Bandage

One size fits all
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Be Ware Of Those Cheap Pirated!

Flexehag™ Strong Fabric (Above) VS Thin Fabric (Below)

Flexehag™ Strong Fabric (Below) VS Thin Fabric (Above)

Flexehag™ Strong Fabric (Left) VS Thin Fabric (Right)

Flexehag™ Strong Fabric (Below) VS Thin Fabric (Above)


Need shapewear to match the dress? This is it!


What All Women Should Know

We designed a modified Adjustable Waist Bandage to fit the romantic curves of modern women, not a Victorian torture device.

Say NO to all the media that alarmingly say modern shapewear is harmful! This waist bandage will certainly squeeze your fat, make your waist slimmer and your breasts bigger and firmer, but it will never squeeze your rib cage.

Ladies, you have complete control over whether it is loose or tight. It's all up to you. The modern independent woman loves her hourglass curves and glamour.

Best features of this product

  • You will get the support you need for comfort all day and all night long. Commonly used by people suffering from back, low back and lumbar pain, sciatica, tendonitis, stiff or sore muscles, tendons and joints, and more!
  • The belt is designed to help you get the support you need for all-day, all-night comfort.
  • It provides support while allowing you to maintain your range of motion. This is extremely important because by retaining your range of motion, your muscles can continue to work and get stronger.
  • Helps support your lower back muscles so you can move more confidently and comfortably.
  • Made of high-quality lightweight and durable material.


✅ Invisible Wrap Around Waist Trainer Belt

The waist cincher belly belt is 120inches long, enough to cover the waist and abdomen, simple design, free size to close the waist, can freely adjust the tension, whether wear inside or outside, it is very fashionable.

✅ Soft and comfortable

The body shaper is made of comfortable and breathable elastic material, which has strong wrapping properties and can firmly flatten the abdomen. It can be combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise to reduce your waist.

✅ Comfortable waist abdomen wrap

Stomach wrap made of comfortable and breathable elastic material has strong wrapping properties, which can firmly flatten the abdomen. Simple belt design can freely adjust the elasticity to fit your body and wrap better than ever. The whole abdomen provides 2 times better compression than a normal waist trainer.

✅ Daily use

It is suitable for any occasion, including home, business, party, wedding, gym, and yoga room. Therefore, it can shape a good figure at any time and enhance your charm.

✅ Multifunctional waist trainer wrap

The waist trainers show your curve by helping to improve thermal activity and sweat!

Product Includes: 

Want to know more? Here are some of our most popular FAQs.

What do you do with returned Waist Bandage?

If they are in new condition, they are cleaned and returned to stock. If they are returned to us in any other condition, they are offloaded to a local eBay seller to sell at a discounted price.

Where is your Waist Bandage manufactured? 

We have a handful of manufacturers and fabric dealers that we have worked with for many years in Pakistan.

Are you a large company?

No, we are a small business. We have less than 15 employees total! Our warehouse is very much our second home, complete with family lunches!

Support small brand

Click the ADD TO CART button before we sell out. 

Shipping Time

Our current turnaround time is running 1-5 business days. Although some of the items are made ahead, due to the high volume of orders, shipping times are longer than usual. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as soon as possible!

SPEEDY SHIPPING. No one likes waiting. To your door and it's fast.

Thank you for your patience. Please let us know at if you have any questions.

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